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Results Matter Most

Before you hire any attorney, make sure to ask for details about any similar cases that attorney has actually tried, and whether the attorney obtained a jury verdict greater than the insurance company's best settlement offer. This information is the best indication one can have about the true talent level of an attorney, and will tell the potential client how much respect that attorney will receive from the insurance industry. Rest assured that the insurance company will know, based on its record of past cases, whether the attorney you choose is capable of trying your case before a jury and obtaining a favorable result. This information will have a great impact on how much value the insurance company assigns to your case.

Our Results

View a sample of our results in actual cases. As you will see, our recent jury verdicts are usually several times higher than the insurance company's best settlement offer. Many so called "trial attorneys" will rarely go to trial. Rather, they will advise their clients to accept a pretrial settlement offer, which may be only a fraction of the full value of the case, in order to avoid the courtroom. If you are seriously injured, you need a lawyer who can get you the full value of your case. Please feel free to give our firm a call for a free consultation at 706.351.6055.

Once you are comfortable with your attorney, your attorney should help you with the following:

  • documenting your injuries and damages
  • preserving evidence (there may be letters that need to be sent to third parties immediately to prevent destruction of evidence)
  • identifying all applicable insurance policies
  • advising you of any legal deadlines crucial to your case
  • notifying all insurance companies and adverse parties of your claim
  • locate and hire appropriate expert witnesses to bolster your claim
  • file any necessary lawsuits on your behalf
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