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Athens Personal Injury Lawyers

"Serious Help for the Seriously Injured"

How We Can Help:

We accept a low volume of high quality injury cases.  This allows us to provide excellent service and attention to you and your case.

Our most important job is to listen to you.  We want to hear your story.  Whether you were injured in a car accident, truck wreck or a fall at a grocery store, we need to learn the details of how and why your accident and injury happened.  Then, we will spend a great deal of time learning about the nature of your injuries.  We commonly see injuries that require neck surgery, back surgery, knee and leg surgery and shoulder/arm/elbow surgery.  Many times our injured clients have rods, plates and screws installed in their joints and their mobility is now limited.  If we take your injury case, we will spend a lot of time learning about all the ways your injury has impacted your life.

If you hire us to handle your injury claim, you will get the full attention of our entire trial team to work on your accident or injury claim.  Should you need an Athens personal injury lawyer, you have found the right one!

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Case

Don't Become a Number!

Before you hire any attorney, make sure to ask for details about any similar injury cases that attorney has actually tried to a jury, and whether the attorney obtained a jury verdict greater than the insurance company's best settlement offer. This information is the best indication one can have about the true talent level of an injury lawyer, and will tell the injured client how much respect the injury lawyer will receive from the insurance industry. Rest assured that the insurance company will know, based on the injury attorney's record of past cases, whether the injury attorney you choose is capable of trying your case before a jury and obtaining a favorable result. The injury attorney you choose will have a great impact on how much value the insurance company assigns to your case.

Our Results

Our track record with personal injury cases in the courtroom is exceptional. View actual jury verdicts and recoveries in personal injury cases. As you will see, our recent jury verdicts are usually several times higher than the insurance company's best settlement offer. Many so called "trial lawyers" will rarely go to trial. Rather, they will advise their clients to accept a pretrial settlement offer, which may be only a fraction of the full value of the injury case in order to avoid the courtroom. If you are seriously injured, you need an Athens personal injury lawyer who can get you the full value of your case. Please feel free to give our firm a call at 706.351.6055 for a free consultation about your personal injury case.

Once you are comfortable with your injury lawyer, your injury lawyer should help you with the following:

  • documenting your injuries and damages
  • preserving evidence (there may be letters that need to be sent to third parties immediately to prevent destruction of evidence)
  • identifying all applicable insurance policies available for your injury claim (liability policies, UM, homeowners, medical payments, etc...)
  • advising you of any legal deadlines crucial to your injury case
  • notifying all insurance companies and adverse parties of your injury claim
  • locate and hire appropriate expert witnesses to bolster your injury claim
  • file any necessary lawsuits on your behalf

If you are seriously injured or a family member has been killed as a result of the negligence of another, you need an injury lawyer who can get the full value of your injury case — a personal injury lawyer who is not afraid to try your case in the courtroom and fight for your rights. For a free consultation, call 706.351.6055. Click here to find out what to expect at your free consultation.

Types of cases that we handle:
  • Wrongful Death
  • Burn Injuries
  • Auto/Trucking Accidents
  • Car Wrecks
  • Daycare Injuries
  • Fall Injuries
Recent Client Recoveries
  • Catastrophic Burn Case - $5,000,000Injury Major burns to over 1/3 of body
    Medicals: $700,000.00
    Parties: Confidential
    Ins. Co.: Confidential
    Sumter Superior Court
  • $1.74 MillionTrucking Case
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